The Breed

General Information

  • Good house and lap dogs.
  • A hardy breed that is unlikely to break bones.
  • Can be groomed with a soft brush to remove loose hair.
  • A reasonably healthy breed that lives for approximately 12 to 16 years.
  • Cannot swim so care must be taken around swimming pools.
  • A low maintenance breed.


  • Small, stocky dogs with smooth coats and a roach (arched) back.
  • Compact appearance, standing at around 30cm (12 inches) in height.
  • A male’s weight should be around 14kg, while a bitch’s should be around 12kg.
  • Ears should stand stiffly upright.


  • A comical and affectionate breed which requires companionship.
  • Highly intelligent, and not yappy or loud.
  • Recommended for apartment living and families.


  • Can live in a flat with minimal exercise, however a daily walk is still good for the dog’s fitness.
  • Should not be exercised in the heat of the day.


  • Not a breed for the inexperienced beginner, with caesareans being common.